Just before the lockdown, during a weekend, Cruzade Army went together on a little trip around some Bilbao spots.
Check how Ian CampbellCaptain JairockAitor PerezKeltsa SanchezIraia Escobar and Natxo Aguado destroyed the Bilbao spots. Will come soon with some fresh info about each rider!

We started a friday in the sunnny La Kantera in Algorta. Great first session to warm up, take some photos and more important than that, skate together as a Cruzade team and family.

When the sun went down we drove to Bilbao to pick Paola Flores from the train station. The Army where hyped! We sleept in our hostel and the next morning we were ready for ripping.

But this is the Basque country, so, of course was raining a lot. We drove to the Galdako skatepark, one of the few skateparks in Spain with roof, and spend the day there skateboarding and hoping that the rain stops. We didn’t get lucky. That night we had a great dinner together and some of the Army members went on party mode.

Sunday was a great day, in the morning we went to the classic brick quarters spots in Algorta. This one is hard as fuck to skate, but also very rewarding. The Army rip it and we drove to the last spot of the weekend, the skatepark of Sopelana, near the beach.

The session there was amazing, and a great way to end a ripping weekend. We cannot wait to the next Cruzade Tour, this time with the missing guys to.

Check the video!! Hope you like it!

Filmed and edited by Pablo Ribera and Hector Heredia