1. The repair, completely free of charge, of any original flaws or latent defects.
  2. In the event that the repairs carried out are not satisfactory and the object does not meet the optimum conditions for compliance with the use, the guarantee holder will be entitled to replacement of object purchased by another of identical characteristics or to a refund of the full price paid.

WARNING: Protection equipment must be used, see clause “G” By taking into account the following clauses you will be able to prevent accidents with skateboard.

    1. Always use de skateboard in a suitable place that enables you to use it to your full ability, away from pavements and streets, where serious accident could occur between skateboard users and other people.
    2. Never leave children under 8 years old unattended, it is important for them to practice this sport with an adult’s supervision.
    3. It is recommended to practice skateboarding accompanied as most accidents occur in the first moth.
    4. Learn everything slowly, including new tricks. Go slowly a first particularly on slopes.
    5. Running or jumping on the skateboard can be dangerous.
    6. Most injuries produced on the skateboard involve broken bones, so you should learn how to fall without using the skateboard at first.
    7. Wear suitable clothing: Helmet, kneepads, wristbands, gloves, flat shoes. Wearing long- sleeves tops and trousers, will help you prevent grazing.
    8. Make the most of your local club and learn more, make sure you know how to use the skateboard correctly look out for yourself and other people.

Keep your board in good condition.

  1. Even an adequate skateboard needs to be checked before every use, particularly the nuts, axles, screws, wheels and bearings, which must be correctly tightened.
  2. If you wheels are not properly secured, do not use the board and check them immediately.
  3. Check the parts, the screws and nuts should be neither too tight nor too loose, as both these situations could lead to injury.
  4. If you have to remove the bearings do so with care and always replace them in the correct place. Remember placing the bearings in the wrong place can be very dangerous.
  5. Check the parts of the skateboards regularly, especially the threads. Check the board and the decks. Replace any part of the board when it is necessary.