Born in the 2014, Cruzade Skateboards brings attitude to the european skate scene. Sweet shapes, brutal graphics and an Army we are proud about, that’s the soul of Cruzade.

All terrain skateboarding, dagger style.

Improving every year with the endeless supply of new functional shapes, as the new complete collection , perfect for beginners, or the new old school shapes!

Cruzade is going fast, sweaty socks and beers!

Cruzade Skateboards is a brand of HLC SB Distribution Group. With 20 years of experience on distribution and manufacturing skateboards.

Today, HLC SB Distribution, far from slowing down and still pushing hard has relocated to its new premises, located in the Basque Country, representing its brands worldwide in more than 65 countries on 5 continents.

A family run business that is still well fueled thanks to passion and dedication to SKATEBOARDING.

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