We are back with the tournament, the classic duel format competition that we did for so many years in Las Arenas skatepark now we are redoing it at Ramputene DIY.

More than 60 riders appear to classification and only 32 riders pass to the game board. It was a show, a real battle, pure hypeness and skateboarding. Captain Jairock was killing it with the mic, as Dj Azzido Domingo and Kako and his band killed it with the music.

The finals between Alain Kortabitarte and Peio Gonzalez where such a battle, both stomping every trick.. so the winner for first time in the Tournament history, was between the two finalist. Congratulations to both, absolutely killed it!!

Thanks to all the Ramputene crew, and everyone that show up and skate see you there next year!!!

BCN Tour

Cruzade skateboards is proud to release the BCN TOUR video.
One year ago the army went on a little trip to Barcelona to skate all the trannie spots around and try to make the best of those days.

The army was on fire; Iraia surprise us in every spot, shredding and bailing like a champ, Cadena and Torso where ripping too, but the MVP was Pedro, until he got hurt and have to spend the last days of the tour without skate. Paola was also ripping with style and consistency. Ian spend his work vacation with us, and he was killing it.

Our friends Hugo and Puskas also come with us, and Hugo helped the team manager with the filming too. Thanks Hugo!!

There where some sick days, and we cannot wait to meet the army again on the road.


We are proud to support and help local DIY projects like Ramputene DIY. Cruzade produced 60 boards with an exclusive graphic and give it to them. In just minutes, all the boards were sold out! Crazy as f*ck huh?! With all the collected money, the Ramputene DIY guys are buying concrete bags and keep building the ramps.

RAMPUTENE DIY is a skatepark built from the locals with their own hands and is located under one bridge in San Sebastian.

Would you like to help and support DIY setups? Click in the following link and contribute your grain!
For more info, go and check their Instagram account: @RAMPUTENE_DIY

SERGIO CADENA - Vans Rolling Masterweek 2021

From Algorta, our 25 years old rider, Sergio Cadena, shows us the video with which he participated in the Dogway Masterweek contest. A video full of non-stop amazing tricks.

He is a beast!

Watch Sergio freaking out!


Pedro Vivas spent some days with the filmer Diego Hervás and they filmed a short summary about Pedro’s life.

Check it out!!


Pedro Vivas. FS crailslide at KSTF, la classe…
Photo by: Pablo Ribera

With all this madness of the pandemic, it has been a while since the Cruzade Skateboards army had been together, so we took advantage of a few days off to gather part of the team. From the north we traveled Ian Campbell, Aitor Pérez, Iraia Escobar, Sergio Cadena and a few days later Natxo Aguado joined us. From the Canary Islands came Hugo Garcia, as riper and filmer/photographer, from the south came Puskas, and in Barcelona Pedro Vivas and Paola Flores joined us.

Aitor Pérez. BS melon with the Face series.
This was the main session for Aitor, he totally destroyed the ramp.
Photo by: Pablo Ribera

Iraia Escobar. BS nosepick indy.
Sequence by: Pablo Ribera

The aim of the tour was to record and photograph as much as possible, and that’s exactly what we did. Every day the team gave it their all. We kept the best pictures and tricks recorded for our next exciting project:

The first Cruzade skateboards full length video!

The tour was full of good sessions, amazing spots in Barcelona and surroundings, and a great atmosphere in the team.
After a few days being the MVP of the tour, Pedro had the bad luck to hurt his knee. He went to the hospital, and the rest of the week he was lame (nothing important). The best is that he stayed with us supporting the team. Big Pedro.

There were notorious casualties of this tour, as we missed Captain Jairock, Kako, Chloe and Keltsa… we missed you, next time we’ll get together guys!

The “army” will meet again soon…

Paola Flores is back with "Simple Girl" clip

Be amazed with the new video “Simple Girl” that Paola Flores gave us for her birthday.

It has not been the best year for our rider. But the most important thing is to know how to get up after every fall. And that’s how Paola has done it and taught us. After months without skateboarding because of an injury, and in the middle of rehabilitation, she comes back stronger than ever.

The desire to skate outweighs the pain!

CRUZADE Skateboards for real riders


Crude, tacky and hooligan designs. Wear glasses because the bright colors will make you blind. Do you want to fight? Be careful with their aggressive designs, they are only designs, they do not go beyond the board. We do not copy, but we are influenced by Jim Phillips Californian style. Cruzade skateboards likes being different and living our own craziness.


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Premium quality decks so you don’t break your bones. Cruzade skateboards are God and offer something different through its shapes. If you like fatties try with our old school decks. You can also satisfy yourself removing a few grams of our fatties with the shaped boards.

But be patient, we have for everyone. If your prototype are the skinny ones, we also have the popsicle shapes for you. Most of the skateboards, have an old school (fatties) shape with a 70´s – 80´s style but the way to skate is adapted to this era (don’t be old-fashioned, it’s 2021)

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Cruzade skateboards are ideal for ripping bowls and ramps with total control and comfort (just if you are not stoned). Also, to street skateboarding.


Cruzade riders are not the typical skaters, they are alternative people, the f*cking bosses, according to the brand. Broken shoes, over size clothes, beers… no one or nothing will stop them, neither the pandemic. Our army is composed by Ian Campbell, Captain Jairock, Kako or Pedro Vivas, Paola Flores, Iraia Escobar, Natxo Aguado, Sergio Cadena, Chloe Bernard, Puskas, Hugo Garcia and Pablo Ibaute. Check their networks to freak out with their best tricks.

A Weekend with The Army

Just before the lockdown, during a weekend, Cruzade Army went together on a little trip around some Bilbao spots.
Check how Ian CampbellCaptain JairockAitor PerezKeltsa SanchezIraia Escobar and Natxo Aguado destroyed the Bilbao spots. Will come soon with some fresh info about each rider!

We started a friday in the sunnny La Kantera in Algorta. Great first session to warm up, take some photos and more important than that, skate together as a Cruzade team and family.

When the sun went down we drove to Bilbao to pick Paola Flores from the train station. The Army where hyped! We sleept in our hostel and the next morning we were ready for ripping.

But this is the Basque country, so, of course was raining a lot. We drove to the Galdako skatepark, one of the few skateparks in Spain with roof, and spend the day there skateboarding and hoping that the rain stops. We didn’t get lucky. That night we had a great dinner together and some of the Army members went on party mode.

Sunday was a great day, in the morning we went to the classic brick quarters spots in Algorta. This one is hard as fuck to skate, but also very rewarding. The Army rip it and we drove to the last spot of the weekend, the skatepark of Sopelana, near the beach.

The session there was amazing, and a great way to end a ripping weekend. We cannot wait to the next Cruzade Tour, this time with the missing guys to.

Check the video!! Hope you like it!

Filmed and edited by Pablo Ribera and Hector Heredia