Pedro Vivas. FS crailslide at KSTF, la classe…
Photo by: Pablo Ribera

With all this madness of the pandemic, it has been a while since the Cruzade Skateboards army had been together, so we took advantage of a few days off to gather part of the team. From the north we traveled Ian Campbell, Aitor Pérez, Iraia Escobar, Sergio Cadena and a few days later Natxo Aguado joined us. From the Canary Islands came Hugo Garcia, as riper and filmer/photographer, from the south came Puskas, and in Barcelona Pedro Vivas and Paola Flores joined us.

Aitor Pérez. BS melon with the Face series.
This was the main session for Aitor, he totally destroyed the ramp.
Photo by: Pablo Ribera

Iraia Escobar. BS nosepick indy.
Sequence by: Pablo Ribera

The aim of the tour was to record and photograph as much as possible, and that’s exactly what we did. Every day the team gave it their all. We kept the best pictures and tricks recorded for our next exciting project:

The first Cruzade skateboards full length video!

The tour was full of good sessions, amazing spots in Barcelona and surroundings, and a great atmosphere in the team.
After a few days being the MVP of the tour, Pedro had the bad luck to hurt his knee. He went to the hospital, and the rest of the week he was lame (nothing important). The best is that he stayed with us supporting the team. Big Pedro.

There were notorious casualties of this tour, as we missed Captain Jairock, Kako, Chloe and Keltsa… we missed you, next time we’ll get together guys!

The “army” will meet again soon…