Crude, tacky and hooligan designs. Wear glasses because the bright colors will make you blind. Do you want to fight? Be careful with their aggressive designs, they are only designs, they do not go beyond the board. We do not copy, but we are influenced by Jim Phillips Californian style. Cruzade skateboards likes being different and living our own craziness.


Premium quality decks so you don’t break your bones. Cruzade skateboards are God and offer something different through its shapes. If you like fatties try with our old school decks. You can also satisfy yourself removing a few grams of our fatties with the shaped boards.

But be patient, we have for everyone. If your prototype are the skinny ones, we also have the popsicle shapes for you. Most of the skateboards, have an old school (fatties) shape with a 70´s – 80´s style but the way to skate is adapted to this era (don’t be old-fashioned, it’s 2020)


Cruzade skateboards are ideal for ripping bowls and ramps with total control and comfort (just if you are not stoned). Also, to street skateboarding.


Cruzade riders are not the typical skaters, they are alternative people, the f*cking bosses, according to the brand. Broken shoes, over size clothes, beers… no one or nothing will stop them, neither the pandemic. Our army is composed by Ian Campbell, Captain Jairock, Kako or Pedro Vivas, Paola Flores, Iraia Escobar, Natxo Aguado, Sergio Cadena, Chloe Bernard, Puskas, Hugo Garcia and Pablo Ibaute. Check their networks to freak out with their best tricks.